Mike Jeffrey's AI Lightroom Brush Pack

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Take your Photography to the next level by giving them that EXTRA POP and PUNCH they deserve in just ONE CLICK with these AI Enhanced Lightroom Brushes.

This product also includes an EXCLUSIVE PHOTO EDITING TUTORIAL from Mike where he walks you through how to Install and Use the Brush Pack on a range of different example images.

This Lightroom Brush Pack includes 23 AI Enhanced Brushes that will automatically select the subjects in your images and apply adjustments to the relevant areas all in ONE-CLICK.

The brushes Included in the pack are as follows:

  1. Mike Jeffrey Signature Style
  2. Sky Enhancer
  3. Subject Pop
  4. Subject Brightening
  5. Subject Sharpening
  6. Sun Flare minus People
  7. Background Brightening
  8. Background Darkening
  9. Background Softening
  10. Brighten Top
  11. Darken Bottom (Linear)
  12. Darken Bottom (Radial)
  13. Darken Bottom minus Subject
  14. Darken Sides
  15. DETAILS: Eye Whitening
  16. DETIALS: Face Softening
  17. DETAILS: Teeth Whitening
  18. Full Gradient - Brighten from Top
  19. Full Gradient - Darken from Bottom
  20. Full Gradient - Everything
  21. Full Gradient - Everything minus Subject
  22. Variable Vignette
  23. 95% Squeeze

Along with the 23 AI Brushes, this pack also includes two BONUS Photo Editing Presets for Lightroom & Lightroom CC. These are Mike's Signature Black & White Preset as well as Mike's Tone Curve Preset.

Finally, if you purchase this pack you will also receive Two Export Presets for Lightroom CC. One for Web Sized Social Media Image Exports and one for High Quality Client Gallery Exports.

***PLEASE NOTE that this AI Lightroom Brush Pack is only for Lightroom & Lightroom CC, not Lightroom Mobile!! The brushes use AI built into the latest versions of Lightroom & Lightroom CC which does not exist in Lightroom Mobile.

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Full Money Back Guarantee

If you purchase this AI Lightroom Brush Pack and after using it don't think that it saves you time while editing your photos or gives you the desired results then please send me an email and I will gladly refund you the full A$23.

Last updated Mar 4, 2024

Mike Jeffrey's AI Enhanced Lightroom Brush Pack for Lightroom & Lightroom CC.

23 AI Lightroom Brushes
For Lightroom & Lightroom CC
Photo Editing Tutorial Video
Plus Full Installation Guide
BONUS Editing Presets
Mike Jeffrey Black & White Preset + Tone Curve Preset
BONUS Export Presets
For Lightroom CC
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Mike Jeffrey's AI Lightroom Brush Pack

8 ratings
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